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Become a DCU Partner

We are Ireland’s leading University based English language school and are always interested in working with new partners. Our students study in one of the Top 50 young universities in the world and enjoy class leading facilities.

We promise that your students will be educated by professional and enthusiastic teachers, ensuring they get the highest level of education and service possible. Our small class sizes ensure your students get the dedicated attention they deserve. Leading technology, a diverse nationality mix and exciting social programme result in an enjoyable, culture filled experience for all involved. Our award winning campus is located just 15 minutes from the bustling city center in the heart of Dublin.

  • We offer a wide range of courses for students of all ages. Our courses include:
  • General English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • Exam Preparation Courses
  • Foundation Programmes
  • Teacher Training Programmes
  • University Lecturer Programmes

We are always on the lookout for new partners and would love the opportunity to work with you. If you’re interested and would like to discuss further please apply here or get in touch.


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Thank You from our CEO

cathalOur partner network is a huge contributor to the successful operation of our school. We highly value the efforts of our partners and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the students you have sent to DCU so far this year.

We are the leading University-based English language school in Ireland offering high quality in terms of the learning environment and the student learning experience. Over the last 3 years, we have grown our services substantially and we are constantly seeking to further improve our school and business. We would love to hear from partners about any new opportunities in the areas of Adult & Junior programmes or short-term Teacher Training and professional development courses.

We are also particularly interested in hearing from Partners who may have contacts with Universities and other 3rd level institutions. This is our special expertise and, through our involvement with the academic faculties at DCU, we are increasingly developing courses that link into the specialist needs of overseas Universities. We have already worked with a number of Partners and have successfully developed and delivered many tailored programmes so please contact us if you would like to develop joint proposals for Universities in your country or region.

Once again I would like to thank you for your support and I wish all our Partners a successful summer in 2015!

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Why choose DCU?

Our students mix with over 11,000 Irish students on our busy and modern university campus. They can join a wide range of University clubs and societies. Our facilities include restaurants, gym, swimming pool, theatre and library.

We can offer you:

  • A vibrant University campus
    With over 100 clubs and societies, a 1200 seat library and a theatre at the heart of the campus, there is no shortage of opportunities for your students to have fun outside of classes and to make new friends.
  • Small class sizes
    This ensures your students get the attention they deserve. Our maximum class size is 15 and our average class size is 12. Having a smaller number of students in each class encourages students to interact with one another and their teacher.
  • Industry leading education delivered via an interactive learning environment
    We strive constantly to improve the quality of our programmes to ensure your students get the best possible learning experience. Classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards. Students have unlimited access to Wi-Fi, computers on campus and will engage in online tuition through our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Multicultural learning environment
    We have an excellent nationality mix and cater for students from over 50 non-English speaking countries. This allows your students to compare and share experiences that will improve their overall experience.
  • Choice and flexibility
    We offer a wide range of courses to suit a broad range of needs including University Lecturers Programmes, Academic Year Programmes and exam preparation courses. We run these courses on a variety of dates and can tailor many of these courses to your group’s needs.

Get in touch to find out how our dedicated team can help you today.

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Student Stories

Willian MartinelliWillian from Brazil – studied General English
“Choosing to study at DCU was one of my best decisions in this journey that I started almost one year ago. DCU has great teachers, methodology, staff and infrastructure, what makes the learning process engaging and easier. They are constantly monitoring the course quality. The classes have a good mix of students (so you will not experience the problem of having too many speakers of your native language). I am happy and satisfied with every cent that I invested in my education. I highly recommend this institution and for sure will use their services again in the future!”

Henrica Von RauchhauptHenrica from Germany – studied General English
“I went to Dublin for 3 weeks with two aims, to travel and to improve my English. I stayed  With a host family who were very friendly and made me feel comfortable  immediately.  everything was so easy and well organized at DCU. My teacher and classmates were very funny and friendly. I found talking about all the different cultures including Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Irish very interesting. After class, I had free time and was able to go sightseeing in Dublin or go to the pub with friends. One of the highlights for me was visiting the Cliffs of Moher. Another highlight was watching a Hurling game. I was very impressed with it as it is the fastest field sport of the world. I really enjoyed my time in Ireland and DCU and I would love to come back for a longer length of time.

Read more stories here

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New Junior Programmes

Did you know we now offer year-round courses for junior groups at DCU?  We have a dedicated support team, excellent accommodation options and we tailor our courses to the needs of individual groups.

DCU Language Services can customise programmes to suit the needs of your group allowing you to deliver the best package possible. We can offer 15 or 20-hour a week programmes, giving your group ample time for sightseeing. Generally programmes are between one and four weeks. We can offer flexible start days to accommodate the travel plans of your group.

Accommodation is offered at DCU Host Families, Student Residence or at a local Hotel. Our campus is located in a residential neighborhood 5km to the north of Dublin City Centre. In addition to this we will also provide an excellent social programme for your students.

Contact us to find out how our dedicated junior group team can help you today.


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Learn English at DCU-我在愛爾蘭實習的日子

Hi, everyone. 我是Zoe, 今年24歲,我來自台灣。我目前正在愛爾蘭都柏林城市大學語言中心(DCU Language Services) 進行為期八個禮拜的實習工作,這段期間我和DCU語言中心的行銷團隊一起工作並住在當地的住宿家庭 ﹝Homestay﹞裡,真正融入愛爾蘭生活。



DCU位於愛爾蘭首都-都柏林,離市中心只要20分鐘的車程、且都柏林交通十分便捷,幾乎每輛公車都可以載你到市中心。如果你喜歡夜生活,你一定不能錯過著名的Temple Bar區,邊欣賞愛爾蘭音樂、舞蹈,邊大口喝著當地著名的新鮮健力士﹝Guinness﹞黑啤酒,和各國的旅人們一起享受道地的愛爾蘭夜晚!

愛爾蘭國土不大,但各地風情不一,唯一不變的是美麗如畫的風景和熱情、友善的愛爾蘭人們。我在愛爾蘭期間,受到Host family和主管同事們的熱情款待,他們待我如家人一般,不管是什麼問題,他們都很樂意協助我。我每天最期待的事情就是回到Home stay,和家人一起享用道地的愛爾蘭家庭晚餐,並天南地北地聊,聊國家大事、或是任何雞毛蒜皮的小事。我可以肯定的說,這雖是我第一次造訪愛爾蘭,但是絕不會是最後一次,因為我不僅愛上這塊土地更愛上愛爾蘭人了!


除了英語課程,DCULS還提供打工實習的Program,在當地實習能真正體驗到愛爾蘭的公司文化並且在全英語環境中磨練出絕佳英語技巧。在愛爾蘭的期間,除了探訪愛爾蘭風景名勝外,你更能藉著地利之便遊歷歐洲各國,從愛爾蘭到英國和歐陸只要一個半小時,是不是很吸引人呢?  給自己一個探索世界的機會,也許在台灣並沒有很多人熟悉愛爾蘭,但是當你一到愛爾蘭,你一定會深深愛上這個處處是驚喜的國家。


Zoe Huang 


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10 Things to do on the DCU campus

  1. Visit the Helix

The Helix arts centre is definitely worth a visit! It is one of Ireland’s most impressive arts venues which is located on DCU campus!

The Helix is a place with various events- theatre, music concerts and host of special events. You can enjoy orchestral music, drama, comedy, gigs, ballets and film in The Helix. It is also a conference centre providing in-house catering and technical services. This multi-purpose building is ideal for any events!We highly recommend you to go and visit this magnificent place!

Now, invite your friends and have an enjoyable evening in The Helix!

Find out what’s on in The Helix- http://thehelix.ie/

  1. How about stretching your legs?

Are you tired of sitting in the classroom all day long?

In the DCU campus, you can enjoy excellent sports facilities, such as 25m deck level swimming pool, spa pool, sauna & steam room and gym. If you not only want to get some exercise but look forward to meeting people, then you must be interested in joining ”ACTIVE DCU Programme”:

    • Men’s & Women’s Astro LeaguesProgrammes & Fitness Classes
    • Ladies GaGa
    • Mixed  Tag Rugby League
    • Beginners Men’s Rugby
    • Meet & Train – Athletics 
  1. Studying at the library

Are you wondering where can you go after school? If you want to do your homework or just want to take your time to read a good novel, then DCU library is a good choice!DCU Library

You can find and use over 250,000 books in the library, and the library has over 1,200 seats and 18 collaborative rooms where you can study in groups with your classmates. 

For further information, please go to http://www4.dcu.ie/library/index.shtml

  1. Join one of English@DCU’s social activities

Have you followed us English@DCU on Facebook? We run a lot of social activities for you! Do you play football or bowling? Do you want to have a lovely night out with your classmates? How about having an informative presentation or entering a fun competition and win a prize?

Come to LIKE us English@DCU on Facebook and sign up for any activities you like!facebook-icon

  1. Have a drink in NuBar

You have met new friends in DCU, but do not know where to go for a drink in the campus? Well, Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to “NuBar”! NuBar is located in the HUB on the ground floor. You can have food and enjoy drinking and sitting on comfortable sofas while watching live sporting events! It sounds great, doesn’t it?

  1. Get a  haircut

How about getting an inexpensive haircut or change of style? You may have noticed that there is a hairdresser just beside our English classrooms located on the first floor in the Hub- “KENDAL Hair Design”

It’s very handy as it’s inside DCU!

Call them on 01 700 77 09 to book an appointment or just drop by.

Watch out for their special offers!

  1. Take a walk in the park

Albert College Park is the best place to take a walk with your friends. It is also a good choice when you just want to lie on the grass and sunbathe.

Here is some information about Albert College Park

  1. Have a cup of coffee at Starbucks

Are you a coffeholic? Then you must know where the nearest Starbucks is on the campus. Yes! There is a Starbucks in the student restaurant!

Why not ask your friends to go for a cup of coffee sitting on the plaza outside of the cafeteria to enjoy the sunshine?

  1. Stay on campus


If you want to experience the real university student life, you may consider staying on campus. We provide campus apartments during the summer time (10th June- 8th September 2012).  Our campus apartments are located just 2 minutes walk from our classrooms, and all rooms have en-suite shower and toilet facilities. There is also 24-hour security to ensure your safety at all times.

Here is the booking website: DCU Campus Apartments

  1. Free Wi-Fi + Internet access

Free Wi-Fi is absolutely the best thing on the DCU campus! You can connect to free Wi-Fi anywhere on campus without any password.  There are also some computer labs on campus which you can use.

Click here to see where the computer labs are: Computer Labs

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Excellent listening tips for the IELTS exam

IELTS logo

Here are some listening tips for IELTS exam students

  • A simple tip is to read the questions before you listen so that you know what you are listening for and you can predict an answer
  • As you are listening focus on the precise wording of the question, look for key words or synonyms that may give you a hint. 
  • Don’t leave the writing to the end, thinking that you will remember what you heard. This almost never works: there’s a lot of information, you’re under stress and, most importantly, after each listening you should be moving onto the next set of questions to read them. 
  •  Use your shorthand and learn how to write down enough for you to recognise as you are listening so that you can write it out in full later. The one exception to this is in part 1 with numbers and names where you have to write everything out in full as you are listening – that is the challenge. 
  • Learn to distinguish opinion from fact. In the third and fourth listening passages, you will probably be tested on what one of the speakers thinks or what his / her view is. This may or may not be stated outright, but as an underlying theme in the whole conversation or in the tone of the speaker’s voice, rather than the words themselves.


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Excellent speaking tips for the IELTS exam- interview skills

 IELTS logo

Here are some interview tips for IELTS exam students

  • How long should I speak for?

Speak until they stop you, don’t just answer the question and stop, give the examiner as much information as possible. Display your best English.

  • If the interviewer asks me some topics I’m not familiar with…

It is quite possible that you have to speak about something you have never heard of, or have no opinion of. If you don’t know the subject – tell the examiner immediately, so he could ask you another question. If you don’t tell him and start trying to speak, he might think that it is not a knowledge problem, but a language problem.

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Excellent writing tips for the IELTS exam

IELTS logo

Here are some writing tips for IELTS exam students

  • It is better to write in regular, not very sophisticated English, than to use phrases or structures you don’t fully understand.
  • If you need Band 6 – no need for complex sentence structure. If your goal is Band 7 – then show advanced sentence structure, language and vocabulary.
  • If you are told to cover specific points in your essay/letter – cover every point, examiners actually count them.
  • Don’t overuse connecting words (like However, Furthermore, Moreover, etc)
  • Read the questions carefully and underline the important words
  • Avoid one sentence paragraphs, with the possible exception of the first paragraph of Task 1 or the conclusion of Task 2 if you have already given your point of view in the introduction and you are running out of time
  • Try to use words and expressions other than those that are written in the questions
  • When you are doing practice exams at home, recreate the IELTS exam conditions as closely as possible. Look at the question only when you are ready to start writing, don’t take a break between Task 1 and Task 2, and don’t use a dictionary or write it on a computer

Looking for an IELTS exam preparation course?  We run daytime and evening IELTS preparation classes   Find out More >>

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